Greece : Fastest out of the blocks to recover......

August 11, 2022

Tourism Minister Vasilis Kikilias said, Greece will welcome one million tourists every week this summer. The number of tourist arrivals in July exceeded 900,000 in a week. Six destinations in Greece are among the top 10 European travel bookings for the third quarter of 2022, from July to September, according to a Forward Keys early summer report conducted for the World Travel Market. 

In the last week of July, local officials confirmed that the travel to Greece has increased by manifolds, several Greek islands were either fully booked or had high booking capacity as the summer season neared its peak in August. In the Cyclades, the islands of Andros, Naxos, and Santorini were fully booked for August, with Ios and Sifnos coming in close. The northern and eastern Aegean islands of Samos, Chios and Lemnos appear to have surpassed tourist numbers in 2019, based on the latest available figures. 

Greece has always been a top-of-the-line tourism destination, its economy depends on the foreign exchange it gets from tourism, 20% of the GDP is driven by the tourism industry, the liberal entry rules have only helped the scale up in the numbers it has seen this year. 

All of the Greek islands have the same entry rules as the Greek mainland when it comes to vaccinations and PCR-tests. If you’re fully vaccinated or not you don’t currently need to show any proof of a Covid vaccination, negative test or certificate of recovery. Children and young people also do not need to have a negative test or be vaccinated. People transiting through Greece do not need to show a negative test or vaccination. Everyone is required, however, to wear a mask when on public transport in Greece or on the Greek islands. 

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Some of the data taken in this article has been taken from and some statistics Forward Keys.