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Fly to the sunny beach paradise of Cancun & unwind at an all-inclusive resort with social distancing. Laze on the beach, read a book, take a dip in the pool, have a tropical cocktail…. Do what you like! For a sense of meaningfulness, explore the ancient Mayan city of Chichen Itza!
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A beautiful amalgam of lush hills with cascading rice paddies, barren volcanic slopes, thick tropical jungle, myriad sandy beaches with warm blue waters; coupled with local culture & cuisine, Bali makes for a well-rounded beach destination. Water-sports activities add to the fun factor.
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5000 Years of history, the marvel of Santorini and golden sandy sun-kissed beaches of Crete all packed in one tour. What more the offer includes ferry rides over the blue Agean sea waters and all airport transfers for as low as $899. Its a real steal deal, book one today for a deposit.
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Athens with Cyclades

Athens Olympia Delphi Kalabaka Naxos Santorini
With a recorded history of 3000 years, Athens offers amazing sightseeing. Trace the origins of the Olympic Games. Seek the Oracle in Delphi & explore the hilltop monasteries of Kalambaka. Catch a ferry across the Aegean to the idyllic isle of Naxos, & make some more memories in scenic Santorini.
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Dubai & Maldives

Dubai Maldives
Get your fill of sun on the oasis of Dubai, head for some dune-bashing on a Desert Safari & enjoy a Dhow cruise. Make friends with a Dolphin & get high at the Burj Khalifa. The idyllic isle of Maldives entices with white sandy beaches, cobalt blue waters, placid lagoons & swathes of coral reefs.
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Epic Greece with Crete

Athens Olympia Delphi Athens Crete
A wonderful twin centre holiday that combines the elegance of the historic city of Athens, alongwith pristine beaches on the isle of Crete. Visit the birthplace of modern Olympics, and also the home of the Oracle - Delphi. Head to Crete and just lounge on this idyllic isle!
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Best of Greece

Athens Mykonos Santorini
Combine historic Athens with the scenic isles of Mykonos & Santorini for a holiday that includes the best of history, nightlife, scenic views, pristine beaches, and sunshine to top it off!
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Start and end in Rome!! You may travel across Rome, Italy, and seven other Italian destinations in eight days with the Explorer tour Best of Italy. Tour includes hotel accommodations, food, transportation, and a knowledgeable guide.
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This trip takes you to three of Portugal's most famous locations. It begins in Lisbon, where you'll see ancient ruins, cobblestone streets, and Next, Porto which is known for its colorful architecture and wine production along Douro River. Algarve villages with whitewashed stunning beaches
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Bewitching Greece

Athens Santorini Crete
A triple holiday that includes the best of history, culture, scenic views, pristine beaches, and sunshine to top it off! With a recorded history of 3000 years, Athens offers amazing sightseeing. Get enrapt in the scenic beauty of Santorini. Bask on the sunny white-sandy beaches on hilly Crete!
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