About Us

Wanderful Holidays
We are a US & Canada based travel company offering Leisure travel solutions across the globe, with local representations in Europe, South Americas & Asia. We have no qualms about announcing that we are a young and an enthusiastic company wanting to Impress & Inspire.
Our Holidays
Our Holidays are designed to offer the best of experiences, with all necessary inclusions, but at the same time offering a bit of flexibility and free hours for the much needed “me” time.
Our Pricing
We make travel enjoyable & convenient by offering honest prices for some immaculately designed holidays.


Even though we have commenced our operations recently, we have a string of satisfied customers, who not only reposed their faith in us, but also initiated a long-term relationship that will literally take them places! Not only do our patrons appreciate our travel related recommendations, but they rely on us for any assistance during their actual travel.
We are travelers first, and then travel agents. Our motto is to ensure that your travel needs are met in the best possible way. We know that if you are happy, you will not only come back to us, but also recommend us to your kith and kin. Value for your hard-earned money is something we understand and strive to provide.
In today’s day and age, travel agents and tours are dime-a-dozen. However even if you are looking to travel to a run-of-the-mill destination, it does not mean that your holiday will also have be an ordinary one. Plus, being travelers first, we know what you are looking for in your holiday and customize it as per your requirement - even if it means pre-purchasing a five dollar entry ticket, so that you don’t end up standing in a long queue under the sun.


Quality + Savings
Wanderful Holidays negotiates & negotiates hard to bring you the best possible prices without compromising on quality. We have a benchmark of working only with services offering a 70+% recommendations.
Eye for Detail
We at Wanderful Holidays have been on most of our own holidays, we exactly know the challenges of each destination so before we publish a holiday offer, we ensure its all ironed out and has no room for stress for our guests.
24 hours / 365 Days Support
We may not be available 24 hours for Sales but we ensure we are available round the clock, all days of the year to resolve any issues that you may be facing whilst on your holiday.


Data Protection
Your personal data is always secure. The secure server software SSL (Secure Socket Layers) protects your sensitive information such as credit card information, usernames and passwords.
ASTA Members
Wanderful Holidays is now a member with ASTA, this makes us enter a pool of companies who work with and for each other's reputation. So now you can book with total peace of mind knowing that your travel plans are in credible hands.