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Aloha! Welcome to Honolulu! Spend a carefree vacation on the famous Waikiki Beach in a luxury property with all the amenities to ensure a memorable vacation. Get a tan on the beach, sip a cocktail in the pool, or spend quality time out on the lanai with stunning views of the Pacific Ocean!
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Take a break to the most popular city of Canada and be enthralled by the architectural & natural beauty. Plus there are lot of options for entertainment and dining. Visit to the Niagara Falls will be a highlight and leave you speechless!
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Feel the vibe of arguably the most known city on earth - New York City. Get off the grid and explore the city on a fascinating boat ride. We ramp it up with a Helicopter tour in Toronto. In between, the magnificent Niagara Falls will leave you spellbound!
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A beautiful amalgam of lush hills with cascading rice paddies, barren volcanic slopes, thick tropical jungle, myriad sandy beaches with warm blue waters; coupled with local culture & cuisine, Bali makes for a well-rounded beach destination. Water-sports activities add to the fun factor.
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(Romeo)antic Italy

Rome Desenzano Del Garda Venice
Re-ignite the passion with a romantic tour of Italy. Wander through the ancient streets of Rome that reverberate with stories from the past. Be solemn amongst the piety in Vatican City. Visit the house where Romeo serenaded Juliet in Verona. Top it off with an enchanting gondola ride in Venice!
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Greek fling

Athens Santorini
Combine historic Athens with the scenic isle of Santorini for a holiday that includes the best of history, scenic views, pristine beaches, nightlife & sunshine to top it off! Includes visit to Acropolis, Plaka area & Temple of Poseidon in Athens; & the Caldera lake + free photoshoot in Santorini!
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Eclectic Europe

Budapest Zurich
Split across the Danube, Budapest is known for its location & architecture. Austria is a popular Alpine destination with lots to see & do-from historic sites in Vienna to lofty Alps & scenic countryside in Salzburg. Get the Swiss feel in the scenic lake town of Zurich.
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Athens with Cyclades

Athens Olympia Delphi Kalabaka Naxos Santorini
With a recorded history of 3000 years, Athens offers amazing sightseeing. Trace the origins of the Olympic Games. Seek the Oracle in Delphi & explore the hilltop monasteries of Kalambaka. Catch a ferry across the Aegean to the idyllic isle of Naxos, & make some more memories in scenic Santorini.
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Epic Greece with Crete

Athens Olympia Delphi Athens Crete
A wonderful twin centre holiday that combines the elegance of the historic city of Athens, alongwith pristine beaches on the isle of Crete. Visit the birthplace of modern Olympics, and also the home of the Oracle - Delphi. Head to Crete and just lounge on this idyllic isle!
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Japan gist

Tokyo Kyoto Osaka
Visit the bustling metropolises of Tokyo and Osaka & witness Japanese culture & sample local cuisine. Admire the majestic Mt. Fuji, cruise on a crater lake, & take the ropeway to a peak. See Sumo wrestlers at play, visit an ancient Buddhist temple & UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Experience Japan!
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History meets fun in this twin-center holiday. Witness the grandeur of the colonial British empire in London. Get enrapt in the scenic beauty along the cliff with a sea of blue-domed houses in Santorini. Kick-off your shoes and bask on the sunny white-sandy beaches of the hilly isle of Crete.
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Every Amazon Rainforest tour package encompasses a diverse and fragile ecosystem, with incredible options for exploration. This Amazon adventure package is perfect for a light adventure trip for couples and families alike. visually stunning and bio-diverse Amazon rainforest and Galapagos islands.
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See the elegant sights of Paris & sip coffee in one of the romantic street-side cafes! Admire the lofty Alps & get the Swiss feel in the scenic lake town of Zurich. Make memories on a romantic gondola ride in Venice & wandering aimlessly in the historic streets of Rome!
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Bewitching Greece

Athens Santorini Crete
A triple holiday that includes the best of history, culture, scenic views, pristine beaches, and sunshine to top it off! With a recorded history of 3000 years, Athens offers amazing sightseeing. Get enrapt in the scenic beauty of Santorini. Bask on the sunny white-sandy beaches on hilly Crete!
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Stand where the gladiators once stood in Rome’s Colosseum & be awed by the architecture, art & piety in Vatican City. Tuck in Pizzas, have a Gelato & wash it down with fine Italian wine. Get enrapt in the scenic beauty along the cliff with sea of blue-domed houses in Santorini.
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Italy has been a tourist paradise for centuries. vibrant and bustling cities, world-class art scene, picture-perfect coastal regions, such as the Amalfi Coast, Discover the natural beauty and tranquility of Switzerland by train. From cosmopolitan Zurich, explore the scenery of Lucerne.
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